Kreepy Kemptown Ghost Walks


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Kemptown in Brighton, East Sussex has always been home to many of the rich and famous, but it is also  home to residents that decided never to leave; even after death. Allow Equity registered Actor, Storyteller and now television paranormal investigator Adrian J Andrews to take you on a fact-filled tour  (the longest of it's kind in Brighton at approximately 2hrs and 15 minutes) that will both amuse and creep you out.

Behind the facade of a normal sea-side town lie numerous macabre stories of murder, manslaughter and sudden unexplained deaths; some of which have never been told before now.

Come face-to-face with Brighton's most grotesque spectre.

Be amazed when you hear of the brutality that existed between married couples and when you learn that the Dead really can hurt you.

 A great evening's entertainment and a wonderful way of celebrating your special occasion.

To compliment the tours, Adrian is writing  book filled with brand new accounts that you won't find anywhere else in the public domain. For the kids, he has written "The Little Kreepy Kemptown Book Of Ghosts" available at the Box Office now. Look out for other Kreepy merchandise at affordable prices.

There are many untold stories out there and Adrian has the facts.

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Come on, hurry now. It's not nice to keep the dead waiting!!! 




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