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"Kreepy Kemptown" was founded in 2012 by Actor and Paranormal Investigator Adrian J Andrews.

Having experienced the Ghost Walk Of The Lanes, hosted by Actor Rob Marks, Adrian took a serious look at the rest of Brighton and discovered that the Kemptown area was totally neglected.

Adrian has had a couple of ghostly experiences in that area himself and had even started researching a local drinking establishment to try to explain WHY it should have a ghostly presence, so to broaden his spectrum and research several other venues was nothing.

Having worked in television and theatre before and after staging an ambitious tribute to Most Haunted Live in Worthing, in December 2013, Adrian and his entire team have since been offered a television series of their own, taking Ghost Hunting to exciting new levels.  He is also hosting a new Web Series entitled "DEAD but NOT FORGOTTEN" which addresses many subjects under the Paranormal banner. Visit our Facebook page to find out more.

 In the meantime,  there are plans to produce the occasional Ghost Hunting DVD releases to compliment his Ghost Walk, examining in greater detail some of the locations visited on the walks.

Adrian takes his subject very seriously and the point of the DVDs  and the tv series will be to prove or disprove once and for all, the alleged hauntings using scientific equipment and psychics who will hopefully add to the knowledge already in the public domain. 

Adrian then intends to write an accompanying book to preserve his findings forever.


The Ghost Walks of Kemptown are intended for people of all ages, including children, so although some of the stories are chilling, there is plenty of humour along the way to take the edge off things. Please note, the tours exceed two hours in length and some of the locations can be quite breezy, so come dressed appropriately.


 The Kreepy Kemptown Ghost Walks are every  Saturday evening  at 7.30pm  from


46 St. James's Street,



Each walk takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes


Tickets (available at the bar on the night) are as follows:

ADULTS=   £8

CHILDREN=      £4

CONC=  £5


Family tickets are available at the cost of £20 which covers 2 adults and 2 children

Please arrive early enough to purchase your tickets at the box office as the tours begin promptly at 7.30pm 




For all enquiries, go to "Contact Us" 

or phone/text on

07432 116 247 


you can now also find us on Facebook / kreepy kemptown ghost walks









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