Kreepy Kemptown Ghost Walks



Adrian would like to extend his sincere thanks to all venues participating in the Kreepy Kemptown Ghost Walks. 

Due to doubts expressed by one business owner we would like to assure everyone that the people who go on these walks are all very interested in the subject matter and indeed, have been known to visit the locations once the tour is finished in the hope of experiencing something  paranormal for themselves.

Owning a haunted building can be a blessing in disguise and an increase in business is inevitable.

Adrian would also like to thank those venues who have decided to really push the boat out and do something special in honour of Kreepy Kemptown; be it selling tickets and DVDs or creating themed cocktails (or in one case, allowing Ghost Hunters into the areas of the building not usually open to the public).

Special thanks too, to Rob Marks whose encouragement and generosity has been really heart warming. 

All of you participating are invaluable in helping to create those memorable evenings for our Ghost Hunters and we shall be forever grateful.

Thanks too go to all the walkers. YOU make the evening complete and it wouldn't be possible to do it without you.

Thank you 



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